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The best thing about working at ConstructConnect is you.

By creating a space to excel at all levels of our business, ConstructConnect team members are inspired and empowered by five core values:People First, Deliver Customer Value, Expand Your Impact, Make It Happen, and Embrace Change.

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People First

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Expand Your Impact

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Deliver Customer Value

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Make It Happen

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Embrace Change

Who We Are

At ConstructConnect, respect for your talent and time go hand-in-hand.

Our goal to provide industry-leading tools to digitalize and simplify the preconstruction process only scratches the surface of who we are. Our team works hard to shape a sense of community with an intentional focus on the success of our people, first.

We’ve adjusted policies and implemented a companywide remote work culture that will give you back time that matters.

While we offer a hybrid work model within our four office locations in the U.S. and Canada, our team has the option to collaborate anywhere they feel the most comfortable and productive. This allows you to seamlessly blend your family and work life with full support from leadership.

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How We Do It

By Treating People First as a Call to Action

Our team’s personal and professional well-being and growth is a priority—profit follows. Our commitment to fostering an atmosphere of creativity and innovation is reflected through the support, respect, and trust given to each individual person.

By Delivering Customer Value

Our customers have a journey to get through, and we’re more than happy to serve as their guide with customized experiences. By helping our customers to drive results and increase value, they’ll get a team who listens, understands their problems, provides solutions, and takes the time to get them what they need.

By Helping To Expand Your Impact

We encourage and work together to ensure team members have what they need to become leaders within their respective teams and to make an impact at all levels of the company. Team members can take career success into their own hands with various programs created to get them to the next level.

  • Success Planningencourages ongoing professional development through learning and engagement opportunities in the form of workshops, modules, and interdepartmental projects.
  • Learning & Development机会将会帮助你表实现的汽车eer path and provide mentorship and resources unique to your journey.
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By Making It Happen

We hope that you come here and feel empowered to do something great. Keeping in mind that a heavy ambition and ongoing collaboration between team members not only creates high-quality work results but also stimulates long-lasting relationships.

We are a company where diverse ideas and perspectives drive accomplishments for the team and our customers, and that shows with ConstructConnect being named “Best Leadership Teams,” “Best CEOs for Women,” and “Best Product and Design Teams” by Comparably in 2023.

By Embracing Change

Our team members are encouraged to lead with proactivity and positivity through change. When things don’t go according to plan, we prioritize and fix what doesn’t work.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As a company, we strive to bring people onto the team who are thoughtful about expanding a culture of belonging and fully embracing our differences. Growing a healthy DEI culture is fully integrated into everything that we do, and amplified by the way we celebrate the diverse stories that brought us all together.

A Place Where You Make The Difference:

  • 多样性、公正和包含董事会领导conversations and strategy planning for company DEI initiatives.

  • Our Women’s Group provides an open forum to discuss and improve the forward progression of women with a focus on equity.

  • The LGBTQ+ and Allies Group creates space to drive awareness, spark meaningful conversations, and build thoughtful community engagement.

  • Engagement events are held each month to further educate and continue conversations around significant DEI celebrations and milestones.

  • The Neurodiversity Group is developing an atmosphere of support and encouragement for our neurodiverse team members through reasonable accommodations, learning opportunities, and inclusive training.

An Environment Where Everyone Thrives

“I can’t say enough about how much I have been inspired by the culture at ConstructConnect. The team is caring and collaborative, strategic and fun. I have felt welcomed since the very beginning, and most importantly, I feel valued and appreciated for my contributions to our overall success. The care for our mental and physical well-being goes far beyond what I can describe, and I am thrilled to be a part of this community.”

Kaiya_300x300 Kaiya Barrett
Content Marketing Manager

A Place to Grow and Develop

“ConstructConnect has provided many opportunities to learn and work on projects that I had no previous knowledge on. The leadership team is caring and committed in their efforts to help me thrive in both my current and future role if I want to pursue a different position within the company as they did for my current role. In addition, ConstructConnect offers many courses through their TransformU portal to learn additional skills. Finally, this company cares for our mental & physical well-being and having the opportunity to work from home is a great option to have. I’m excited to be part of the ConstructConnect community.”

SteveS_300x300 Steve Sierra
National Source Manager

Our Remote Work Culture

"The culture at ConstructConnect is truly unmatched. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work remotely from Miami, FL.The time I used to spend commuting to and from work I now get to spend it with my family.Additionally, I love the flexibility ConstructConnect offers, having the ability to go on walks with my dog during my daily lunch breaks is energizing and gets me pumped for the remainder of the workday. Most of all, I’m elated to be working alongside a passionate team. They are some of the most supportive people I have ever worked with, and they make me feel like ConstructConnect is exactly where I belong."

Jennifer_300x300 Jennifer Miranda
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Benefits & Perks

  • Open Paid Time Off Policy (for exempt new hires and team members; 17 days for non-exempt)
  • Paid Time to Volunteer
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Comprehensive Benefits Package
  • Pet Bereavement
  • Maternity and Paternity Leave
  • Employee Assistance Program